Employment Permit Service

Employment Permit Service


(*Chef example) Our recently acquired partners in recruitment of Chefs, residing outside of the EU, provides for a new development in this area. Chefs are recruited according to employer’s requirements and standards, and vetted as to their standards of work and experience.

  • Video provided of chef, preparing cooking and serving;
  • Reference verified from source;
  • Chefs to provide a police certificate of good character;
  • A good understanding of the English language, oral and written;
  • Once a chef is appointed by an employer, the Chef will be appraised of the employers menu and will receive training associated with the menu.

Application Consultation

Following selection by an employer, we will liaise with the employee regarding the required documents for the application process:

  • Passport verification;
  • Immigrant history;
  • Contact details;
  • Signing of contracts and NDA (if required).

Employer Consultation

Liaise with the employer regarding documents required for the application process:

  • Conduct the Labour Market Needs Test;
  • Prepare contracts, NDA, certificate of employment etc.;
  • Restaurant/ hotel certificates;
  • Revenue/ staff certificates;
  • Communication updates provided throughout the entire process.

Document Verification

Check all documents provided to ensure that they meet the requirements under the employment permit regulations.

Application Submission

Ensure all the relevant information and documents are collated in line with the regulations and submit the application.

Department Follow-Ups

As the appointed agent, we will receive notification from the Department of Enterprise regarding any further information or documents required by them.

Decision Appeals

Should any application be refused, we will examine the refusal reasons and appeal the decision. This can sometimes happen if we are not provided with correct information or documents.

Entry Visa Applications

Some nationalities require an entry visa when the employment permit is issued. This process is based on an application to the Irish embassy located in the country of residence of the applicant employee.


  • Labour Market Needs Test: 2-4 weeks
  • Application process: 12 weeks
  • Entry visa process: 8 weeks
  • Total time: 24 weeks (based on current information, subject to change)

Policy Statement

A policy statement regarding modern slavery will be provided by all connected parties.


  • One provider is offering the fee payment for the permit application and the entry visa will be paid by the employee applicant.
  • Travel fees are negotiable between the employer and the employee at the contract stage.
  • Accommodation on a temporary or full-time basis should also be discussed and finalised at the contract stage.
  • Application fee for the permits is €2,730 and the entry visa fee is €615 (all include VAT @ 23%).