Top Tips: Creating a CV

When applying for most jobs in Ireland, you will be required to submit a CV (or resumé) with your application. This document outlines some professional information about yourself, including your skills, job experiences and qualifications. As part of our new Top Tips blog series, we are providing you with the key points to know before sitting down to write your CV.

Our top tips for creating your CV:

  • Write your name in large font at the top of the page so that a recruiter reading your CV will remember your name.
  • Include key contact details such as name, address, email address and telephone number at the top of the page (can be on the left-side, right-side or centre).
  • Include a section with your past work experiences. Include your job title, company name, duration of your time working there, and a brief overview of your responsibilities.
  • Include a section on your education and qualifications. For most people, this will begin with third-level college/university degrees, or apprenticeships. Note the duration of the course and a brief overview of the subjects you learned.
  • Include details of any other experiences or qualifications you may have that are relevant to the job you are applying for (drivers licence, second language, computer/IT skills, etc.)
  • List out all of your professional skills in bullet points (teamwork, project management, time management, Office tools, HubSpot, etc.).
  • Include a line at the bottom of your CV that you can provide references on request.
  • Keep the document to 2 pages maximum.
  • Use font Times New Roman, size 12 font to make sure your CV is clear and readable to recruiters.

If you are wishing to apply for a job in Ireland but first need to secure an Irish Employment Permit, please contact our expert team on how they can help you with this process. Email today.

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