Work Permit Information

Employment in Ireland

All immigration permission to work and reside in Ireland is granted by the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service who are directly responsible to the Minister for Justice & Equality.

All non-EEA nationals require permission to remain in the State. Permission to remain will be in the form of an endorsement in a passport confirming the conditions and period of time for which permission has been granted to remain in the State.

There are certain categories of employment which are listed on a schedule of employments for which an employment permit maybe issued for. This list varies according to the Department of Business Enterprise & Innovation’s interpretation of submissions made by relevant interested parties.

Steps to consider

1. Offer of suitable employment on the eligible list of employments by a registered employer.

2. Check the expiry date of the current passport.

3. Employment permit-Application to the Department of Business Enterprise & Innovation.

4. Application to the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service for short term employment.

5. Entry visa required-Application to the Department of Foreign Affairs/Irish Embassy.

6. Register with the Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service-Endorsement of the passport and receive a registration certificate.

7. Relocation services​

Atypical Working Scheme Guidelines

The Department of Justice and Equality (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service – INIS) in agreement with the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, administers the Atypical Working Scheme.

The purpose of the Scheme is to provide a streamlined mechanism to deal with atypical, short term employment or certain other employment situations which are not governed by the Employment Permits Acts or by current administrative procedures under the Employment Permits Acts.

It was also agreed with the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, the Department of Health and the HSE that the Scheme should include locum doctors who are employed and paid by an Agency and nurses/midwives who are undertaking the Clinical Adaptation and Assessment Programme or RCSI Examination.

Renewal of Employment Permits

All renewals are subject to the holder of an employment permit demonstrating compliancy with the provisions of the employment permit and the conditions applicable to the particular type of permit.

The online application system for Employment Permits brings a number of significant benefits:

A new system that continuously validates your data and supporting documentation leading to reduced errors and rejected applications.

Intuitive user experience with help information and relevant mandatory fields.

Secure Online Fee Payments (where applicable) by credit/debit card.

Easier, online submission of supporting documentation.

Faster turnaround of applications.

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